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Цитата группы

"Я за любое развитие и за любые эксперименты в музыке."

Никлас Сандин, DT

Focus Shift

I think I just forget
To pick up the shells
From my recent discharge
And you took the blame
Explanations falter
To ears fallen deaf
Wherever I go I get lost

A reference to something
That both of us knew
Nothing that favors the few
In the darkness electric we see
That silence had spoken tonight

I think I have lost my language
Whatever I said I deny
I think I have lost my way
Whatever was missing is gone
I let my focus shift

Your face is a map
I fail to discover
Drowning the sounds
Lost in the order
It's the look that stayed my words
The unblinking knowledge
Interlocked and holding
No stalemate to break
Take hold of the flame that unites
In the silence that speaks to me now

I struggle to find the words
That negate my meaning
I fail to comprehend
What message is given

I decline the steady hand
That leads to rejection
Tempted by the closure
With no sense of pride
Drown the fury and swallow the fire

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