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Цитата группы

"Нас было пятеро приятелей, которые стали интересоваться музыкой."

Микаэль Станне, DT

Nothing To No One

Force it to begin
Spark the flame
To firebursting sin
Doctrine denied
Over and over again
Keeping death of all things private
Expose this failed creation
What is done is dead
To be content, an abomination
Are you satisfied
Are you done with this

The ultimate rebellion:
The sacrifice is endless
The ultimate rebellion:
Be nothing to no one

What's in a true life?
Behind the crumbling walls
Of dream and infant illusion
Action without movement
Desire without heart
It is over and done
To crave for touchless objects
And fathom without eyes
The fall of all things personal
That no one sees

Awaken to the screams
Of unresolved
Demands and accusations
Words are free
These are the outer symptoms
Of inner detonation
Will force us to inaction
Rid the burden off me
Lead me to my grave.

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