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Цитата группы

"Фэнтезийности в наших текстах, пожалуй, нет, они больше основаны на личных переживаниях."

Микаэль Станне, DT

To A Bitter Halt

Faithly arisen | Tenderly torn
Dreamlike decision, unconciously born

Firm in conviction yet tempt me they can
deny me of trust and a demon I hide

A drive to be less than the fortunate
a dream in the casket of eden
Crave that you do not desire
cling tightly to your deepest fear

I rose the greatest monument
again and again
I bear the greatest treasure
of Time and a Word

Treson split on the loneliest of graves
Desperation dealt the losing hand again
Wherein lie the purpose of the day?
Is there return in sadness?

Does your ceiling differ much from mine?
where we see each other
Here in this light
Is that pillow more than a frame
that holds the chaos fast
Now his hand a fist
gain control

Silence fell and eyes now widened
filling up, the strength collapsing
capable of the ending, froze in the tracks
brought to a bitter halt

On the floor it seems the steps are showing
left a print just like it did in me
What has been and what will be
never care 'cause I was in between
As I said, with one foot in loneliness
You hide here in me

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