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Цитата группы

"С самого первого дня тексты для нас были так же важны, как и музыка."

Микаэль Станне, DT

Lost to Apathy

The heartstrings hold off with despair – Fail to resonate
Frailness of our body breaks – Will disintegrate


By locks our filthy states
Failure to communicate
None too sentient
Where no see no virtuous magic
Against the motions

Ongoing choice as the trials will end
Filter the nonsense and laugh at what's left
Indecision – Wrong division
What matters taken away

Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak,
Soon (Now) the battle is over,
Lost to apathy

So overcome with pointless tears
To retest pain receptors
Nothing matters ever here
Put up another reaction

These eyes will never see
Covered up from reality

The unknown world that you deny
No priority – Cannot fail if you never start

I want to know – Where did it end?
For madness to start
Always the skeptic and never the part

Indefective, non-descriptive
It matters not

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