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Цитата группы

"С самого первого дня тексты для нас были так же важны, как и музыка."

Микаэль Станне, DT

The Mundane And The Magic

Seen through these dreamless eyes
Blind buildings stark to the sky
Silhouettes as dividing walls
Guarding the eternal secret
Where is the flame to haunt you
Why do you answer to
My lies are always wishes
Lies that make me
See beyond the rational
Accept the fate that nothing is meant to be
Be the least connected
Stay true to the last original

Apply layers to reality
Things only you can see
Add a beat to normality
To tap the core of insanity

I let my dreams cross over
To days of endless gray
If I could merge the mundane and the magic
We'd forge the new unknown
I let my dreams cross over
To nothingness and back again
If I could merge the mundane and the magic
Where is the dark I came to find?

In latter days as time will find you
Memories will never let you get closer
The silent sighs in useless company
Wish for darkness and death again
In the face of ignorance fear
I cast it right back
Some things were never there to begin with
Objectivity is truth denied

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