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Цитата группы

"Водочке даже не обязательно быть очень хорошей – главное, побольше!"

Никлас Сандин, DT

Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

This is a ghost town
Alive with the echoes of failures fled
Lit up by shiny faces
That parade these streets
What used to be
Of humility is gone
You walk on mounds
Of skull and bone
Where living is denied
I see more movement in decomposition
That in those hollow eyes

It is the only place I know
Where death is most alive
It is when truth is turned to lie
That death is most alive

Set flame to the ensnarers
And pierce that ornate shield
Branded by what claims you
You wear the mark of death
Tear from loss and agony
A character defined
Stripped of all but tragedy
What life is left to find
Go now – until there's nothing left
Go now – the dying has begun

So I flee from all that is me
To hide behind this pale dead face
Whatever happened to desire, want and need
Whatever happened to integrity
Imagination is a curse in all of this
Whatever happened to the ones left behind

This is a ghost town
Bodies dragged through endless streets
Go now, to never return
I see more pitiful humiliation
Than you can ever hide

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